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Jonny is one of my favorite people I've shot with. She is one of those people who cannot take a bad … view

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To me, in the photography I'm really drawn to, mood, emotional impact, connection and story trumps all technical elements of an image. I was downtown tonight for a short time. Had … read article


My Romance with 50mm f/1.2

My Canon 50mm f/1.2 lens has certainly won a place in my heart, more than almost any other piece of camera gear I've ever owned. This is the lens I used to photograph the image in … read article


Right Place at the Right Time

Timing is a photographer's best friend. (well, one of them) Being at the right place at the right time is what allowed me to get this shot. I had noticed that the moon was peeking … read article


Thinking About Doing A Book

This particular image that I shot last week just really has an affect on me. I really like the feel that I get from the woman in the hat. To me, a shot like this is what I really … read article

good day for a hat

A Good Day for a Hat

Had some time today to be able to hang out at one of my favorite spots on the strip. This is a great location to just sit, relax and take the occasional shot of passers by. Not … read article


Natural vs Posed II

Just in case there was any confusion from my last post in which I mentioned how I wasn't normally a big fan of images in which the model looked like she or he was obviously posed … read article